Dear Martin Sheen… Charlie might benefit from some tough love

Veteran Hollywood actor Martin Sheen has broken his silence on his son’s drug problems, saying Charlie’s addiction is “like having cancer”.

The West Wing star is currently in Britain on promotional duty for his new film, The Way, and told Sky News: “He’s an extraordinary man and he’s doing well. We pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him? This disease of addiction is a form of cancer.”

Really, Martin? I guess I missed the memo. I’m not a cancer patient, but when I read this statement, I felt angry on behalf of all the people who spend their days in oncologists’ offices and radiation treatment centres and hospitals.

We had a cancer scare in my family last year. Our brush with the disease has made me much more conscious of the fact that there is no cure, whereas your son can do something about his problems. He can decide to stop taking drugs. The same way he decided to start. Yes, Martin, it’s a choice. When Charlie chooses to change his ways for good, I’m sure you’ll be relieved. Proud, even. But right now, he seems hell-bent on boozing, bingeing and whoring his way through the Hollywood high life. So please stop defending his bad behaviour. And please stop making excuses for it. The “disease” that you refer to is entirely of his own making. He needs to admit that. And so do you.

4 thoughts on “Dear Martin Sheen… Charlie might benefit from some tough love

  1. I am sorry, Janine, but I don’t agree with you. Initially the choice to drink alcohol is yours, but the dependency of an alcoholic is, in my view, a disease/illness whatever you want to call it.


    1. Hi Denise… Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. People have many strong opinions about alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency, especially concerning those battling to overcome it and those who are affected by it on a secondary level (family and friends). I can only judge for myself based on my own experiences and the experiences of those close to me. I can also only hope that as we witness the effects of addiction, we might be compelled to think before we reach for the bottle.


      1. You’re right, Janine. It would, I think, be the same with drugs. Using once or twice can get you hooked, while others not. I really don’t think it’s worth taking the chance. Also I do believe that some people have ‘addictive personalities’ and become addicted more easily. There are many types of addiction, eg gambling, horses, cards, etc. as well as gambling with one’s life.


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