Everything in its right place

My house is starting to look a bit more polished – spent the past few weeks spring-cleaning, decorating and completing the puzzle I started after New Year. I have also finished organising my CD collection – and the end of this mammoth task prompted a wave of creativity because when I was done, there were a few dozen albums that refused to fit into the display cabinet! I flipped through some decor magazines and was inspired to try a musical art project of sorts on the lounge wall. See the results in the photographs below…

I chose green as a colour scheme and gathered scrapbooking paper, pieces of cardboard, photographs and images from magazines. Then I cut them all to size and used them as the sleeves inside clear CD cases. I then labelled each CD case with the name of the album and the artist concerned. I had 27 albums (all the downloads from amazon and iTunes) and decided on a 3X9 (three rows of nine) arrangement on the wall. It took a bit of fiddling to make sure that there was an even pattern distribution, but I think the end result really rocks!

The puzzles have also been completed, but I haven’t decided on a home for them yet. It took a long time to finish them, but they were 1000-piece monsters, after all! At least there were many hands to help… While in progress, the designated puzzle table occupied a sizeable chunk of the dining room. Friends and relatives became fascinated, always checking to see how far I was, and even helping over drinks or supper! Here are the finished products, framed and ready to go…

If you feel inspired, please do try this at home!

The title of this post is borrowed from the lyrics of Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead. Find the song on amazon.com


2 thoughts on “Everything in its right place

  1. that is just amazing. I dont really get excited about decorating type things but this is cool stuff.

    now I will admit that you put a nice comment at my place and that is why I stopped by This time but please dont think that discounts what I said above.

    thanks for sharing



    1. Glad you dropped by and found an idea that could work for you! One of my friends has tried this on her bedroom wall, but with black and white photographs in the CD sleeves instead of coloured paper. The overall effect is just as striking – maybe even more so, as she’s a talented photographer. Will try to get a picture this week and share it as well.


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