You climb in next to me
Shuffle the pillows
Rearrange the sheets and
Wedge yourself into the groove
Of the mattress

You pick up the novel you’ve been struggling through all week
Sigh determinedly and open it to the bookmarked page that
You fell asleep reading last night

It is quiet for a while
Only the sound of your chest
Rising and falling
Eyes are narrowed in concentration
Hand is poised to turn the page

Then your foot moves towards my leg
Long toes stretch to reach my calf
And curl around the muscle

Suddenly I am in your arms
And the forgotten chapters
Are falling to the floor

4 thoughts on “Familiar

  1. wow, this is a scene from my bedtimes, down to the toes and the shifting of pillows and sheets. A bit uncanny and eerie ironic. A wonderful authentic picture of a moment of being. Lovely.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. This one is for my husband, my safe harbour in this dynamic world. After almost eight years, we have settled into a wonderful life and I’m grateful for him every day.

      I look forward to checking out your blog soon 🙂


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