There are three sides
To this coin

The head

The tail


The edge
It spins upon

You are the head,
Yearning and full of

He is the tail,
Alone with all the

Fate is the edge,
Lilting unevenly

The odds are
In your favour

3 thoughts on “Choose

  1. This reminds me of the Tom Waits lines;

    So you ask me what I’m doing here holding up the lamp-post,
    Flipping this quarter, trying to make up my mind
    And if it’s heads I go to Tennessee, and tails I buy a drink,
    If it lands on the edge I keep talking to you.

    – Jitterbug Boys, Small Change


    1. Thanks for the reference… Will have to go and find that song now. This is one of my more abstract poems of late, but the story behind it is fairly plain. My best friend had been seeing this amazing guy for months and months, but she wasn’t ready to commit even though everyone else could see that they were perfect for each other – literally two sides of the same coin. I wrote this on a serviette over coffee (go figure) and slipped it into her handbag. She asked him to move in with her about three weeks later – and I had to get the tattered serviette back to copy the words. They’re still together, so the matchmaker in me is proud 🙂


      1. Matchmaker and awesome poet, I defy anyone to find a better use for words to how you employed them. That’s an excellent story and warrant a poem to itself.


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